After a wonderful summer full of music, family and travel I came to London in September. I immediately hit the ground running, performing hardly a week later in Milton Court Music Hall. There I performed my Final, not final recital: a concert of 40 minutes where I presented my progress over the last year.

I sang the Seks Sange by Grieg: a song cycle with 6 parts, originally composed in German. Bella mia fiamma, addio! by Mozart was the second piece: a concert aria of a whopping 11 minutes! I continued with Banquo’s buried by Alison Bauld. She used Shakespeare’s famous text of Lady MacBeth in her sleepwalking scene. I absolutely adore this piece of modern music and hope to perform it a lot more. I concluded with the opera aria Nun eilt herbei, from Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor, by Otto Nicolai. An aria that is fun, dramatic and is so fun to perform! A recording of the last piece can be found here.


This was a very exciting start of my second year as a Guildhall Artist Masters student in London, and there is so much more to come!

My pianist for this concert was Lana Bode; it was a pleasure to work with her on these challenging pieces!