Where does the day begin and when does the night end? Do you seek the light, do you welcome the darkness? You see two sides of the same coin. With the recital ‘Aurore’, soprano Irene Hoogveld and pianist Maxime Snaterse look for nuance and highlight every contrast.
The night has many faces and is shrouded in mystery. It may offer a long-awaited moment of peace in which body and mind can finally roam free. As the night falls over us however, this is not always possible, sleep seems to escape us because our thoughts and feelings take over. An indefinable feeling that rises, stimuli to process, the darkness that oppresses us. Or do we not always want to sleep because we feel wild and free? Do we want to look for experience and challenge because so much more suddenly seems possible?

Is it the moon and stars that influence us? Is it our senses that come into focus? Imagination and creativity given free rein? Or simply the purity and beauty of countless, breathtaking natural phenomena? How do we feel when Aurore, goddess of dawn, lifts with her rosy fingers the veil of night to make way for the dawn? Relieved that dawn is breaking, or somewhat disappointed?

Fascinated by the phases from sunset to sunrise, from darkness to light, this duo plays a song program in which the power of this extraordinary phenomenon is awakened: Aurore – Shades of Night & Dawn, colored with music by Britten, Mahler, Rachmaninov, Messiaen, Schumann and Bosmans.