I am happy to share with you that I will be performing in the festival opera Thijl! This opera is one of the very few opera’s made with original Dutch lyrics. I will have no less than 3 roles (Dame van Dudzeele, Gilline and Kathelijne), and will be covering the main female role, Nele. Performances will run from June 30 until July 17, at the National Military Museum, near Utrecht. More information and tickets can be found on www.thijl2018.nl.

The project is led by the Stichting LustrumOpera and the Utrechts Studenten Concert. These two groups created Wagners Rheingold, 5 years ago. They staged it in an actual barge ship, with which they sailed down the actual Rhine river, and docked to let audiences on board and hear that amazing opera. I went to see it, not knowing I would be joining their ranks 5 years later!